Unger’s: Check All Chulent Beans


In light of recent concerns about infestation in beans, Unger’s is urging all its customers to check all chulent beans before using them.

Ungar’s has pinpointed bag lot number 092318 as stated on each package.

If there are any issues with Unger’s beans, you may return them to your grocery for a refund or exchange.

Matzav.com previously reported that Gefen issued a recall of chulent mix with the date code #091218, #090518 and #090522 due to what they called “some instances of infestation” as a result of a hot summer season. The company had urged stores to pull the products from shelves in exchange for a full credit.



  1. What would be very helpful would be for these companies to provide detailed information about the nature of the infestation.
    When we check the beans, what type of insect- size, shape, color, etc, are we looking for?
    Is it something very tiny, like thrips in strawberries, that is almost invisible to the eye?
    Something dark that will show up on a white background?
    Something pale or translucent?
    Due to these most recent problems it seems advisable to check all packages of beans. It would certainly be a good idea to know what we’re looking for.

    • Look for tiny white oval “crumbs” and webbing. The larva are small whitish worms and the adults are small moths (pantry moths.)

  2. In exchange for full credit? How can it be an “exchange” if they are given “full credit”?
    Sounds very fishy to me.


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