Unemployed Bronx Man Wants To Keep $5M Lottery Win A Secret


An unemployed Bronx man — who doesn’t even have a bank account — became an instant millionaire last month when he scratched off a winning $5 million lottery ticket.

But state lottery officials told him he can’t do any of that without first posing for photos with an oversize check at a press event on May 24 — something all New Yorkers who win more than $1 million in the lottery have to agree to before they can collect.

The anonymous Bronx man has hired a lawyer to protect his identity, citing previous lottery winners who were hounded and in some cases even killed when their names were publicized. His case is not without precedent. In March, a court ruling in New Hampshire allowed a $560 million Powerball winner to stay anonymous after the judge agreed that big winners are often subject to “repeated solicitation, harassment, and even violence.”

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  1. Yes it is very dangerous. Between lawyers and others bugging you. I myself own millions in real estate and every day through the mail or phone all types of people harass you. Sometimes if I can’t shake off these nudges I act crazy and scare them off. I keep a low profile and whenever someone tries to talk to me about money I just change the subject till they get the message. I could share my shtiek but I’d rather not. I could see someone heimish winning a five hundred million dollar lotto and not having day or night. Every institution and their professional collectors would stake him out. I’m only in the fifty million range and keep a very low profile and still get harassed.

  2. Personal opinion……..

    It’s a foolish insensitive rule. Why would I want to tell the world I am instantaneously wealthy. Overnight. It’s a police set forth by an company/organization that is looking for authenticity and recognition for their self indulged righteousness, at the cost of harassment abuse & violence. It’s extremely inconsiderate & unthoughtful. I would too hire a lawyer to protect my privacy. Allowing me to pick and choose who I divulge my secrets with.

    As with in New Hampshire. I sure hope he wins his case enjoys his wealth. He seems like a good man knowing how to use his monies wisely.

    Bless you sir. You have many backing you (if in reality it helps any) and wishing you luck in your future endeavors. Hope you win the case.


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