UN to US: Look Into Police Brutality


united-nationsToday, the UN Committee Against Torture asked the U.S. to better investigate and prosecute police brutality, particularly when it comes to shooting unarmed black youth and the use of taser weapons in non-life-threatening situations.

This was the panel’s first review of the U.S. since 2006, and comes in the aftermath of protests regarding the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

The panel also criticized “excruciating pain and prolonged suffering” endured by prisoners during “botched executions” as well as frequent rapes of inmates, shackling of pregnant women in some prisons, and extensive use of solitary confinement. It also mentioned reports of police brutality toward minorities, and immigrants, as well as concerns over militarization of the police force. Read more.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The only solution here is to profile all applicants trying to become officers, tighten the criteria so that no one subconsciously seeking to fill emotional needs is hired.

  2. Yeah UN people, why not deploy your trusted service providers to the streets of Ferguson and thus turn Ferguson into Gaza on US soil!!

  3. Hypocrites! where were they in Mexico where 43 studenst were murdered and no one know where they are….since it was the Police that handed them to the cartel! and all those killings in Brazil….venezuela china….etc etc etc…why is it that the USA and Israel are presented as the worse countries in the world?

  4. First: ALL Arab nations, ALL African nations, China, North Korea, FSU countries, Mexico, Venezuela….all those bastions of liberty and free speech!

  5. Its about time the UN look into shooting unarmed youth. Why this is almost as serious as one country raining missiles on unarmed citizens of another country. The UN will not tolerate such a thing.

  6. When they have time, why don’t they look into Syria, turkey, Iraq, Egypt, and all other points before they look into one killing, how about the masses in those countries killed by their own police and military.

  7. Amen to Rabbi Goldstein’s comment.

    Nevertheless the botched executions should be, but aren’t, a national embarassment, not to mention the occasional executions of people who did not even commit the crime for which they were executed. So should the inability of our prison system to protect inmates — men or women — from sexual assault. And there is no justification for most police forces to use military equipment. The UN doesn’t have much to teach us but the US should mend its ways anyway.


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