UN Passes Israeli-Sponsored Resolution for Just the Third Time


united-nations-security-councilThis week, the UN passed an Israeli resolution on “agricultural technology for development,” regarding sustainable agricultural advancement in developing countries.

This is just the third time an Israeli resolution has passed at the UN.

The resolution had 105 cosponsors and 138 states voted in favor. The Arab group led the 34 abstentions to the vote.

“Where Israel works to bring repair to the world, Arab countries are putting up walls,” UN Ambassador Ron Prosor said. “The technologies developing in Israel are now at the forefront of the global fight to eradicate poverty and hunger.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. So what..

    Adam Garfinkle, editor of The American Interest, wrote, “I don’t know of any great power in history that lost its foothold or decayed because of external reasons; internal social dysfunction was to blame.”

    What topic is this in reference to?
    Health of Society is its morality

  2. Popular hope is not an asset of a weaker mind. And if you want to see a fraud, take a look at the arab sentiment for their own future.


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