UN Chief: Gaza Deaths And Destruction Shame World


ban-ki-moonUN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says “the massive deaths and destruction in Gaza have shocked and shamed the world” and is demanding an end to “the senseless cycle of suffering” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the AP reports.

“We will build again, but this must be the last time to rebuild,” the U.N. chief told the General Assembly Wednesday. “This must stop now. We must go back to the negotiating table.”

Ban said the U.N. understands Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas rockets but “the horror that was unleashed on the people of Gaza” raises serious questions about respect for international law that requires a distinction between civilians and combatants and proportionality.

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Hey Ban, what about the 1,500+ who were killed in Syria at the same time ? Any mention of them ? Do we sense a double standard ? What a disgrace.

  2. I would add that a great number of those “civilians” were Hamas. Just because they don’t wear uniforms, doesn’t mean they are civilians.

    Yeh, tell them to rebuild – hospitals, schools, etc. and not tunnels with the cement that Israeli provided. Also no mention at all of the humanitarian needs that Israel has been providing the Palestinians with on a daily basis. Everything is so one-sided and obviously anti-semitic or anti-zionist, whatever term you want to use.

  3. Great let’s make sure to distinguish them by placing geo targeting bracelets on each Hamas member so next time idf will only shoot them.

  4. 1,500+”PALESTINIANS”,over 150,000 syrian nationals .The UN is a joke and we should sue them and UNRWA for abetting terrorism and letting their schools be used for weapon storage and their offices boobytrapped to kill 3 fine Israeli soldiers.Any lawyers out there to accept the challenge?

  5. to #1 – 1,500 are you kidding me? Its 150,000 (!!) Syrians where killed in past 2 years, 2 million Syrians displaced.

    Anybody in UN ashamed? anybody in the left cares? nope! Just when Jews dare defend themselves the whole world goes bazook….

  6. Hey Bunkhead, how come we haven’t heard a peep out of you regarding the killings of “innocents” in Syria???

  7. Add up all those Jews killed in suicide attacks over the years. It’s a lot more than the ” civilians” killed in Gaza. their civilians are more like wolves in sheep’s (and women’s)clothing.

  8. Hey Ban, do you make deliveries. The UN really got itself another servile bozo. Even the Habsburg Emperor wasn’t nearly so prone to jump on Jews. Ban is inciting violence, period.

  9. they shame the UN for allowing HAMAS to store ROCKETS IN UN SCHOOLS, to use MONEY TO BUILD TUNNELS & ROCKETS instead of feeding the Palestinians. SHAME ON THE UNITED NATIONS

  10. the shame is on those who refuse to recognize the threat to Israel from the tunnels and who refuse to recognize the danger into which hamas put its own people


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