UN Blames Israel For Rioters Deaths, US Blocks Calls For Invesigation


The United States blocked a United Nations (UN) Security Council statement drafted Monday that called for an independent investigation into the deaths of at least 58 Palestinians along the Israeli-Gaza border.

“The Security Council expresses its outrage and sorrow at the killing of Palestinian civilians exercising their right to peaceful protest,” a draft of the statement read, which was seen and reported by AFP. “The Security Council calls for an independent and transparent investigation into these actions to ensure accountability.”

The U.S. has used its veto power 43 times against UN resolutions concerning Israel. Read more at CNBC.



  1. 50,000 rioters protested violently against Israel and the UN has the chutzpah to blame Israel. GET THE UN OUT OF JERUSALEM NOW!

  2. “Peaceful protest”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    How blind and dumb does one have to be in order to get a job at the UN?

    • The U.N. is absolutely correct. How dare Israel fire upon the peaceful protesters wielding their peaceful guns, peaceful Molotov cocktails, and peaceful burning kites, all the while peacefully attempting to breach Israels security fences and peacefully murder Jewish men, women and children?

  3. It is not about being blind and dumb it is about being rotten to the core and only rule is you have to hate Jews that you’re guaranteed admission

  4. If Israel discovered a cure for cancer today, by tomorrow the U.N. would have issued a condemnation for Israel’s indiscriminate slaughter of innocent cancer cells.


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