UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Jokes About Getting ‘Shiksa’ Nickname


US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley had the audience laughing when she joked about both Jews and Iran at an event on Thursday night in New York City.

During her keynote speech at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in midtown Manhattan, Haley said, “I’m proud to be very close to the Jewish community. In fact, they gave me a nickname. Does anybody know what shiksa means?”

Haley later poked fun at the lack of free press in Iran saying, “They still think John Kerry is secretary of state.”

The annual dinner raises money for needy children in New York City. During her speech, Haley also made jibes about her Indian-American heritage, President Donald Trump and the current political climate in America.

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  1. This reminds me of a famous joke. Mark was going off to college, and his father called gave him some parting words. “Mark, we are Jewish and although we don’t do the religious stuff promise me you won’t marry a shiksa.” Mark comes home four years later with his new wife Cristina. Pops was upset but life goes on. Pop took Mark into his expanding business and everything was fine until Sunday morning. Sunday morning Mark comes to work and pop asks, “Where were you yesterday? I tried calling your cell but you didn’t answer.” Mark replies, “Papa, I was ready to come to work but wy wife Cristina tells me, “your Jewish, its Shabbat let’s go to the local Temple. I wanted to call but she said Jews don’t call on Saturday.” Pop bellowed “I warned you not to marry a shiksa.”

      • Shiksa and Sheketz (Shagetz) are derogatory words meaning detestable. You can have a Jewish Shiksa or shegetz too. A Goy or Goya refers to someone who is not Jewish. A slang word for a Goy is an ural, an uncircumcised man. Another slang word is Goy-Dog, used only in the U.S.
        The word shiksa is commonly used today as meaning a non-Jewish woman or a cleaning woman.

  2. To I eat lox. It is just as infamous as shvartza, that Jakie Mason made famous by calling Mayor Dinkins that name. All these types of words are used in many jewish circles. A lot has to do with how it’s used. Most people I know call their cleaning lady’s “goyta” In many schools and stores the non jewish male employees are referred to as the goy or the arul (uncircumsised one) I personaly think arul should not be used, but I did once bring it up to a store owner who used this term, he thought I was the crazy one.

  3. Shiktza likely has a derogatory definition from a technical standpoint. However, most people have no idea what the technical definition is and just use it to refer to a non Jewish woman. In that sense it is used many times even in a statement praising the subject. Nevertheless, most of today’s generation refrain from using that term although it is more commonly used in Israel. There though, they mistakenly pronounce it differently and say “shitska”. At least that doesn’t have any negative connotation (it doesn’t mean anything.)


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