Ukraine Shul In Crimea Spray Painted With ‘Death To The Jews’


ukraine-death-to-jewsA news website from Crimea, a Ukrainian region that is now the site of clashes between ethnic Russian residents and Ukrainians in the wake of the toppling of Ukraine’s former government, reported that a shul in the city of Simferopol was spray painted with anti-Semitic language.

The spray paint included Swastika symbols and the wording “death to the Jews,” said Anatoly Gendin, head of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Crimea, reported Although there is no direct evidence linking anti-Semitic incidents in Ukraine with the broader unrest in the country, Gendin pointed to the fact that since the Maidan protests started, Ukrainian life has gotten 30 percent more expensive and the Ukrainian Oschadbank stopped issuing pension payments to the elderly.

“When I look at this anti-Semitic writing, I understand that the provocateurs want to turn the attention of regular people to ‘those responsible for these negative changes.’ History tells us that those always to blame are-the Jews! What will happen later? I don’t know,” Gendin said, as translated from Russian by

In Simferopol, which is experiencing increased tension and violence resulting in the suspension of public transit and the closure of the city center, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is offering extra security services for the local Jewish community at its Hesed center. In Kiev and several other Ukrainian cities, JDC’s emergency network is providing services such as food deliveries to elderly and poor Jewish families.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Very Scary.

    Putin is running his own thumb on the face of democracy and the living hopes of human dispensation are being reformed by the grudge of a madman. We should very much be in good concern for the life of Putin’s revolution is not a favorable commodity for human trust or discretion.

  2. That part of the world is full of hate and anger.

    It is sad that after so many terrible events in history people still can’t let go the ever desire for destructive hate.

    The symptom of mediocrity is to always try to find who to blame for your troubles.


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