Ukraine Gov., Opposition Sign Deal


ukraine1After a bloody week that left at least 75 protesters dead in Ukraine, the government and opposition leaders signed a deal today that apparently pushes forward elections to the end of this year, paves the way for a coalition government, and trims the president’s powers.

The opposition will hand over their weapons and withdraw from buildings and protest camps. The agreement was hashed out during all-night mediation with Russian and EU representatives. But it’s unlikely that the mass of protestors will accept the measure shots and early this morning shots were still reportedly being fired in Kiev.

On Thursday night, European foreign ministers announced sanctions would be imposed on Ukrainian officials responsible for the violence, including the freezing of their assets, denying them travel visas, and suspending exports of equipment used to quash demonstrations. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. how long will it be before these kind of riots hit the USA Chas v’shalom? think about it, the economy is crashing, most of the country is upset about obamacare & hates the obamanation president & our freedoms & privacy rites are being taken away from us slowly but surely & soon the USA will not be a free country anymore….

    How long do you think this will take? be prepared for it to happen.

  2. why was my blog not put up yet?

    its the honest truth & we should all know whats happening before its too late

    please post it ASAP



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