UK Jewish Leader Suspended For Tweets Calling Arabs ‘The Vilest Of Animals’


The Board of Deputies of British Jews suspended for six years a senior member deputy who shared on Twitter a text describing Arabs as “the vilest of animals.”

Roslyn Pine, whose Twitter account has recently been made private, called Arabs “so evil” and later said: “I have an issue with Muslims and Arabs who want to kill us, who want to destroy Israel. And that is an Islamic fundamental if you know anything about what the Koran is.”

The Board’s committee condemned her statements. “What Mrs. Pine is saying is that the killing of Jews and the destruction of Israel is fundamental to the Islamic religion, and so implying condemnation of all Muslims.”


Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. That’s right the only thing that is permissible is to ram down our throats the abominable life style because our children have a right to hear their version of truth and if we find it offensive it’s too bad but if we offend a bunch of murderous ARABS that is unacceptable I guess only some types of opinions are acceptable

  2. I think the comment is slightly inappropriate. The animals are much kinder than the arabs. She should tweet an apology to the wild animals.


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