Uber Drivers Accused of Committing ‘Vomit Fraud’


What a mess. Multiple Uber riders say they’ve been hit with steep fines of as much as $150 after being falsely accused by their drivers of vomiting inside their vehicles, the Miami Herald reports. Drivers have allegedly included fake photos of vomit when they charge the fee, making it more difficult for passengers to dispute fines with the ride-hailing service. Some riders have had to send several emails to the company, which decides whether a refund is warranted after conducting an investigation.

Uber is “actively looking into reports where fraud may be detected and will take appropriate actions on those accounts,” the company told the Nuevo Herald. It added that most fees are legitimate, but “with 15 million trips a day, Uber is unfortunately not immune to these types of incidents.” One victim said it took “numerous emails” for the company to reimburse him. In another scam, passengers have reported not being picked up but still being charged. Read more at the Miami Herald.



  1. Why do you think Uber keeps claiming bankruptcy? The business model is unsustainable. The drivers, after all expenses & fees, make close to nothing. Places in Florida like Tampa Bay, Orlando, or Miami, you earn between $12.50 an hour to $13.55 an hour (according to Rideshare). Hardly a living wage. With such a lousy “salary”, they are only asking for trouble. Drivers, out of desperation, will do whatever it takes to make a few extra dollars. Ill informed people, when they hear that the person they sit next to in Shul is out of work, claim “why don’t you work/drive for Uber”? Fellow Yidden who say that are cold hearted idiots! Let THEM work in an abusive environment like Uber! Stop giving dumb ignorant advice to fellow Yidden.

    • “Fellow Yidden who say that are cold hearted idiots!”
      Disagree, 100%. They may well be ignorant of the actual working conditions and total take-home pay, but no worse – I assume they’re trying to give helpful advice. (FWIW, I personally know people who lost their jobs and looked into driving for Uber.)

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