Uber Driver Fatally Shoots Passenger On Denver Interstate, Police Say


An Uber driver fatally shot a passenger while the two were in a vehicle on an interstate in Denver.

Denver police department spokesman Sonny Jackson says preliminary information points to a conflict between the driver and passenger. He says shots were fired by the driver on Interstate 25 shortly before 3 a.m Friday.


The driver and victim were transported to hospitals. Jackson says the victim was pronounced dead, and the driver has been treated and released.

Read more at USA Today.



  1. “The driver was treated and released”
    So no charges?
    Everything is fine?
    See what happens when their State legalized marijuana?

    • I like how this is suddenly because of weed. Like there is no chance that maybe the driver was acting in self defense, no he obviously wasn’t charged because of weed somehow. And it is no longer the 60s. Uber at least does background checks, and drivers attacking passengers are pretty rare. Try hitchhiking now, see if you live- and that is assuming you get a ride, which you probably won’t.

    • The driver was released from hospital (as his injures were light) after being treated, and is now being held in jail, without bond. Read the link.
      I have no idea where the other poster read this is about marijuana, legal or non legal. The article does not seem to me to say so.

  2. Why was he released? This sounds like the Tommy Robinson UK’s injustice coming to the US.

    Who’d sit in a car with such a driver anyhow? I’d rather be called the “R” word as in “racist” than allow him to drive me anywhere.


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