Uber Driver Banned After Saying He Doesn’t Take Jews


Two Orthodox Jews were stunned when their Uber driver refused to provide them with  transportation, telling them he “doesn’t take Jews” as he drove off, BELAAZ reports.

The incident took place in London, England, where the rise in antisemetism has been well documented.

After reporting the driver, Uber responded by banning him from their app.




  1. Of course, no police investigation when Jews are attacked. Compare to the British police prosecuting people for nonviolent online postings critical of islam. In fact, they recently arrested a black pastor in a moslem neighborhood, and charged the above-mentioned black pastor with “racism” for peacefully preaching his religion in a public street.

  2. A religious Jewish lady is in labour. It is Shabbos, and the happy husband dials with a shinui the taxi service, explains the situation and asks for a non jewish driver. They send, as requested, someone obviously non jewish. After a while, the service radioes the car “hey tango 15 where are you now?” The driver answers: “Just picked up the pregnant antisemites, on my way to the hospital”

    Shabbat Shalom 🙂


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