U.S., Uganda Call Off Search For Infamous Warlord Joseph Kony


Both the U.S. and Uganda have called off the search for notorious warlord Joseph Kony and his followers, the Lord’s Resistance Army, saying that Kony’s power has dwindled to the point that he’s no longer a threat.

The group carried out brutal murders and mutilations, and was known for kidnapping children and forcing them to become soldiers. Uganda has been battling Kony and his followers for decades, and U.S. Special Operations forces joined the search for the warlord in 2011. Read more at NPR.



  1. Hey, he looks like the guy who keeps sending me emails stating that I inherited 16 billion dollars. It’s too bad I never claimed it yet.

  2. I don’t get it. Even if he’s not a threat now and we somehow know that he won’t ever again be a threat in the future, don’t justice and punishment for his crimes against humanity still compel us to keep pursuing him?


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