U.S. Court Rejects Atheists’ Appeal Over ‘In God We Trust’ On Money


A federal appeals court on Tuesday said printing “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency is constitutional, citing its longstanding use and saying it was not coercive, Reuters reports.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Paul, Minnesota rejected claims by 29 atheists, children of atheists and atheist groups that inscribing the national motto on bills and coins violated their First Amendment free speech and religious rights.

Circuit Judge Raymond Gruender said it also did not constitute an establishment of religion under a 2014 Supreme Court decision requiring a review of “historical practices.” “In God We Trust” began appearing on U.S. coins in 1864 during the Civil War, a period of increased religious sentiment, and was added to paper currencies by the mid-1960s.




  1. The wicked people who are still alive this late in the world, since creation, are giving all their strength to combat and fight God with everything they have. Their evil goal is to eradicate the name of God from this world. No one should acknowledge that there is a creator. This is terrible. There is nothing worse than that! Thank you Judge Gruender for standing up for God’s honor!

  2. If they are so principled in their belief they should give away all their
    money that says “In G-d We Trust “on it. I recommend that you
    sit, rather then stand waiting for this to happen

  3. so they are the only ones entitled to free speech? and the rest of us arent? so, i agree : give all the money back and then use only checks and credit cards. then you are not interfering with the rest of us


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