U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd Says She Will Spend Millions To Protect Jews


United Kingdom Home Secretary Amber Rudd has promised to spend millions to provide security guards for all Jewish schools and synagogues in the country.

Speaking at a U.K.-Israel conference in the British Parliament, Rudd cited the research of the Community Security Trust, a British organization that monitors and records anti-Semitic incidents.

“Last year, the Community Security Trust received 924 reports of anti-Semitic incidents, including 86 violent assaults. Let me be clear, any attack of that kind is one attack too many,” Rudd said.

“We are providing £13.4 million (about $17 million) for guarding at all Jewish state, free and independent schools, colleges and nurseries and at synagogues, and to support the continuing efforts of the police to provide security and reassurance to the Jewish community,” she added.

Rudd said far-right extremists have become “increasingly sophisticated” in their tactics to use social media to promote their cause and to gain new followers.

“I am absolutely determined that we challenge extremism in all its forms and the terrible damage it can cause to individuals, families and communities,” she said.


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