Tzohar Torpedoes Kashrus Law


MK Betzalel Smotrich of Bayit Yehudi blamed Tzohar for the rejection of a bill he submitted to establish uniform and transparent criteria for the chief rabbinate kashrus supervision.

Supported by the two chief rabbis and all religious factions in the Knesset, it was meant to make hashgocha more efficient and improve its public image.

Smotrich accused Tzohar officials of getting Kulanu MKs to torpedo the bill “so that they could explain later why the kashrus field needs to be confiscated from the rabbinate and justify their kashrus initiative – which, practically speaking, mostly overlaps with the bill I proposed.”

{ Israel}


  1. As usual, those that give us the most problems come from within. Hashem should help that Tzohar, as an organization of members that have obviously not done teshuva this year should be destroyed bmeheira byomeinu.

  2. why do you think they are from within before they came inside to take that picture they put on their white yarmulka, and self proclaim themselves to be rabbis. everyone knows theyre eating pork on yom kippur


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