‘Tzama Lecha Nafshi’ at Yankee Stadium


yankee-stadiumThis Motzoei Shabbos, when Yuri Foreman – an Orthodox Jew who also happens to be the undefeated World Boxing Association super-welterweight champion – will face off against Miguel Cotto at Yankee Stadium, he will enter to the singing of Tzama Lecha Nafshi, the timeless Lubavitcher Niggun.

Foreman, born in Gomel, Belarus, learned to box at the young age of 7. When some schoolchildren called him “Jew” and beat him during swim class, his mother grew concerned for his safety and enrolled him in boxing class at the gym.  Later, at the age of 10, he moved to Israel and continued his training at a local Arab gym.

“The first time I walked in, I saw the stares. In their eyes, there was a lot of hatred. But I needed to box; and boy, did they all want to box me,” Foreman said in an interview with JTA. After winning a few national boxing championships, Foreman, at the age of 19, moved to Brooklyn, New York to continue his boxing career.

Foreman, a yarmulka clad Jew, lives in Brooklyn and davens in the shul led by Rabbi Dov Ber Pinson. He is also learning to get semichah and hopes to be finished within three years.

{Y Behrman, lubavitch.com/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Torah Jew – There is a time and a place for many things…
    And on second thought perhaps I shouldn’t speak of it as a Kiddush Hashem, but rather just good for our national pride and moral. We are still a human nation that can feel… right?

  2. to Hashkafah:

    “Nice Kiddush Hashem, even if it is out of the so-called mainstream.”

    Explain then in your opinion what is considered mainstream? Mr. Holier than thou.

  3. Cotto is the real deal. I’m afraid it will be more like Spill Out Lecha Besori in front of a massive audience

  4. torah jew- should he just have remained frai? I second No.3

    By the way: will there be a video of the fight on matzav?

  5. On one hand (let’s say, the yemin) this is very heartening. OTOH it is disturbing, and let’s hope he soon fines an umnus kala unekiah that doesn’t define success by physically hurting another.

  6. i dont care what you call this. but maybe its time for all of you to go back to school & find out the Real Definition of the WORD KIDDUSH HASHEM unfortunatly its thrown all over the place. so go to a Cemetery in Israel or Auscwitz or Birkanuh or Babi Yar & there you will see the real meaning of Kiddush Hashem. or maybe that is ancient history, so for the most recent Kiddush Hashem, those are the ones killed in the India Massacre, sorry this is the real definition & nothing else.

    Since when is it a kiddush Hashem if a jew is going to box or if Ringling Bros. is performing for jews only with the Proper attire,

    Please for the sake of those who got killed because of Kiddush Hashem, dont equate boxing or a circus performance to KH as its on insult to those who did die for Kiddush Hashe.

  7. Let’s give him credit for taking steps to get in touch with his Judaism, but we still need to maintain a distance from the barbaric and dangerous ‘sport’.


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