Two Suspects in NYPD Custody in Shabbos Morning’s Attacks in Borough Park; Video Surveillance Cameras Really Work


boro-parkTwo suspects in early Shabbos morning’s egg throwing attacks in Borough Park, accompanied by their attorneys, turned themselves into the 7th police precinct in Manhattan today. Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) praised the NYPD for working to resolve the cases and reiterated the importance of video surveillance cameras as one of the most effective tools for law enforcement’s ability to solve and prevent crimes.

“Our community is grateful to the NYPD for their nonstop work in finding the perpetrators of Saturday morning’s attacks. I spoke with the victims and they are suffering from anxiety and trauma over these horrible incidents. Surveillance video of the suspects was obtained, which showcases once again how important cameras are for preventing and solving crimes. Anyone contemplating committing such acts should know: we will get you.”

Surveillance video obtained by the NYPD and the Boro Park Shomrim showed that on Saturday morning, November 14, at around 2 a.m., a few male suspects on 13th Avenue threw eggs and taunted two male victims. According to one of the victims, the suspects shouted, “you Jewish guys we’ll shoot you.” The suspects fled in their car, according to the victim. Another incident took place a few minutes prior.

Senator Simcha Felder today issued a statement thanking the New York City Police Department for their fast response to the hate crime.

“Hate crimes anywhere are despicable and must not be tolerated,” said Senator Felder. “I am very thankful to the NYPD for their fast work identifying these two criminals, and for all the NYPD does to protect us every day.”

Councilman David G. Greenfield is thrilled that the perpetrators have been caught.

“I am proud of the swift action the 66th police precinct and the Hate Crimes Task Force took in tracking down and arresting the criminals who personally attacked members of the Boro Park community late last Friday. Hate crimes against anyone are unacceptable. Unfortunately, anti-Semitic crimes are on rise in New York City and we cannot ignore blatant acts of discrimination. My many thanks to Captain Kenneth Quick and the entirety of the 66th precinct, Deputy Inspector Mark Magrone and the Hate Crimes Task Force for their quick response and dedication to arresting the perpetrators,” said Councilman Greenfield.

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