Two Sifrei Torah Stolen From Chabad In Hawaii


Two  Sifrei Torah have been reported stolen from the Chabad shul in Ala Moana Hotel located on island of Oahu, Hawaii.

One of the Sifrei Torah is an antique, having survived WWII. A $5,000 reward is being offered for any information which leads to the recovery of the stolen scrolls.



    • Baloney. The taava is only if you seek it. Hawaii is a beautiful place, full of Hashem’s wonders.

      You will be asked, after 120 years, :neheneisah me’olami”. And you will fail.

      • “You will be asked, after 120 years, :neheneisah me’olami”. And you will fail.”

        Huh? Where does it say that?

        You mean that everyone who doesn’t visit Hawaii will have to give a din vicheshbon? What Torah says that?

    • Are you insane? How many people have you guided to become balei teshuva? No one is asking you to go out and have mesirus nefesh like the Chabad rabbis and famillies across the world. But the least you can do is be thankful that someone is doing the hard work for you!!!

  1. surviving ww2 doesnt make it an antique
    hundreds of torahs were knocked off around the clock in poland circa 1930s
    probably no value and not kosher too


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