Two Pairs of Tefillin and Over 30 Mezuzahs Stolen From Car


30-mezuzas206Two pairs of tefillin and over 30 mezuzahs were stolen from a car parked in the alleyway behind 1383 President Street in Crown Heights Sunday night. The owner of the car noticed that the back left window was smashed and he searched the car to see if anything was missing. To his shock, two pairs of tefillin and many mezuzahs that were in the trunk were stolen. He immediately called Shmira and 911.

The bochur who owns the car had originally parked the car on Eastern Parkway overnight and moved it the next morning to the alleyway behind Free Shul. When he came back to the car several hours later, he had realized that the back left window was smashed.

Police responded and the complainant filed a police report for grand larceny. The tefillin are valued at about $1,000 a pair and the mezuzahs up to $100 each.

{CHN/ Newscenter}


  1. The moral of this story and the stolen sefer torah from about two weeks ago is do not leave sacred valuable items in a car especially over night it is complete negligence and disregard for any sense of holiness for the item.


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