Two Newcomers To Join Lakewood School Board


lakewood-board-of-educationLakewood, NJ – Two virtual unknowns – Chaim Rosenblatt and Alex Janklowicz – unseated incumbent Carl Fink in Tuesday’s election for three seats on the township’s Board of Education.

Fink, 63, of Enclave Boulevard, who served as school board president for the last 18 months, received 4,208 votes. Rosenblatt, 29, of Williamsburg Lane and Janklowicz, 29, of Grant Avenue received 6,557 and 6,479, respectively, according to unofficial results from the Ocean County Clerk’s Office.

The third seat on the available school board seat Tuesday went to incumbent Isaac Zlatkin, who received 7,887 votes.

In Lakewood’s 43 voting districts, 26,354 people turned out.

A write-in candidate received more than 1,200 votes in the election. Board Member Yechezkel Seitler had declined to run for re-election, but later decided to run as a write-in candidate. However, the Ocean County clerk’s website does not differentiate the names of write-in candidates.


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  1. actually 13,506 people voted as seen in the results for township commitee. The number 26,354 is the total votes for board of ed where each person gets 3 votes, so the number of voters for BOE elections is a third of 26k.

  2. it seems you need to take over 3rd grade reading comprehension. I wrote “so the number of voters for BOE elections is a third of 26k” .I meant BOE election That’s because approx. 5000 people that voted for township committee didn’t vote for BOE members. So approx. 8780 voted for BOE and 13,506 was the total voters for township committee. But im sorry if i wasn’t clear enough.


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