TRAGEDY IN ISRAEL: Two Killed, 40 Injured In Bus Crash On Highway Near Yerushalayim

Two people were killed when a bus overturned on Highway 443 on Sunday morning. An additional 41 people were injured, including five moderately.
The crash occurred near Beit Horon on the way from Modi’in to Jerusalem. Though the cause has not been determined, early reports indicate that the bus slipped on the wet road and hit a car, causing the bus to hit the median safety railing and land on its side.The highway was closed on both sides, and a crane was brought in to lift the bus to extract numerous passengers who were stuck inside.

According to medics on the scene, civilians and Israeli soldiers began evacuating passengers from the bus as medical teams arrived.






  1. Was the bus driver an arab? Arab bus drivers are known to have attitude problems and to be unsafe drivers. Dumb Israelis hire Arabs, then suffer.


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