Two Israelis Arrested For Throwing Rocks At Arab Drivers


Two young Israelis were arrested recently on suspicion of stone-throwing attacks on Arab vehicles in Yerushalayim over the course of several weeks.

Over the past few weeks, Arab drivers have complained to police regarding the attacks, which have targeted both private vehicles and buses travelling down Rechov Chaim Bar Lev in Yerushalayim. The two suspects, both minors, were located and arrested last Thursday.

“Throwing stones at people and vehicles is a serious offense that is extremely dangerous and could cause property damage, injury, and even loss of life,” a police spokesperson said. “We are working with determination and without compromise to bring them to justice for their crimes.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. But when an Arab does it ,it is non-violent protest. Only if he kills someone is it deemed dangerous.
    I’m not condoning anyone throwing rocks-but stop bending over backwards when an over-age Arab does it, and when a underage israeli-“giving him full strength of the law”

  2. Even when arabs kill they go free. Thousands of them are released. But a Jew who kills an Arab sits in jail for life. Time for chareidim to take over. When we do we will ferry all of the arabs to Europe. Let them butcher the Europeans like the Europeans did to the Jews. Then will import Chinese and Phillipenos to do the construction,cooking and nursing work. And ever israeli youngster will get a chareidi Torah education. The minister of education will be rabbi Chaim kenefsky shlita and the only parade will be a lagbomer parade not a toeiva one. Every street will be closed shabbos. And Sunday will be shopping day with no work like here in Boro park. There will be no pork stores or tattoo shops. It will be the land of the Torah.

  3. So sad how someone throwing rocks is arrested. If this was in NY I’d understand but in Israel?

    Why cant people throw rocks? Isn’t that allowed?

    Israeli police better get their heads on straight.

    • “Why cant people throw rocks? Isn’t that allowed?” Yes, it’s allowed it you’re an Arab. But if you’re a Jew, you’re sentenced to jail for life.

  4. Fake news. Bernie Sanders told us, throwing rocks is a peaceful means of showing your freedom to protest.


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