Two Iranian Citizens Arrested On Stolen Israeli Passports In Argentina


Argentinian intelligence officers arrested two Iranian nationals in Buenos Aires suspected of traveling on forged Israeli passports, local media reported. The pair, identified by local reports as Sajjad Samiel Naserani, 27, and Mashoreh Sabzali, 30, were arrested on Tuesday travelling on forged Israeli passports under the fake names of Netanel and Rivka Toledano.

The passports’s numbers had been listed by their owners as lost or stolen, under different names. Authorities later concluded the passports were forgeries after finding numerous Hebrew spelling mistakes on the official documents. An investigation involving Israeli police and  the counter-terrorism division of Argentina’s federal intelligence agency, AFI, led to the eventual arrest of the two Iranians.

Authorities are treating the couple as possible terror suspects and have since raised the level of alert in Argentina, local daily Clarin reported.

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