Twitter Suspends Hamas’ Al Qassam Brigade Account, Group Blames Israel


hamass-al-qassam-brigades-twitterThe main Twitter account operated by the military wing of Hamas, the Al Qassam Brigade, was suspended from the online messaging platform, Al Arabiya News reported late Sunday.

While Hamas was elected to power in 2006 to rule Gaza, the European Union and the U. S. have blacklisted the group as a terrorist organization, because it refuses to relinquish violence.

Although its primary Twitter handle “@alqassamBrigade” was closed, a second account “@qassambrigade” is still operating.

Twitter’s policy allows users to suggest suspensions of users who break its rules. Punishable offenses include hate speech and online harassment.

On its website, the Al Qassam Brigades blamed Israel and the U.S., and claimed that it had done nothing to warrant the suspension.

“The Qassam Brigades confirmed that they did not violate Twitter’s terms of service ever, asserting that reason behind the suspension is Twitter subordination to US government and ‘Israel’ as usual,” the terror group wrote. “Jewish-Christian incitation against the Qassam active account, so long exposed Israel’s war crimes and violations against the Palestinian civilians led to the suspension of the Qassam Twitter account.”

“The Qassam Brigades strongly condemned the act and asserted on right to freedom of speech and expression and media,” the group said.


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