Twitter Says It Won’t Suspend Louis Farrakhan Over Tweet Comparing Jews To Termites


Twitter said Wednesday that it will not suspend Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan over a tweet comparing Jews to termites, the company confirmed to The Hill.

Farrakhan, who has been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks for years, posted a clip to Twitter of a speech he gave captioned, “I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.”

The tweet prompted backlash on the platform, with figures such as Chelsea Clinton blasting it as anti-Semitic.

“The responsive laughter makes my skin crawl. For everyone who rightly condemned President Trump’s rhetoric when he spoke about immigrants ‘infesting our country,’ this rhetoric should be equally unacceptable to you,” Clinton wrote.

Twitter indicated Wednesday afternoon that its policy barring “dehumanizing” language, which was announced in late September, has not yet gone into effect.

“Twitter’s standards are an utterly inconsistent joke,” conservative commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Neither would the self-hating Jewish initiator of Fakebook nor the self-hating Jewish editors of the NY Times and CNN. Sadly, they’re all from the same group of evil Jewish crooks.

  2. oh, who cares. how can anyone admire a guy who has done nothing with his life expect to spew hatred. imagine how pathetic a life must be if all he knows is misery

  3. Am I alone in being offended by the fact that Chelsea Clinton’s greatest put-down of this rhetoric is to compare it to Trump’s comments about illegal aliens? Is that the best you can do?

    One refers to a class of mostly innocent people being targeted because of their race while the other refers to a class of people who came into a country illegally and having a legitimate impact on its legal citizens. Even if you are a liberal and don’t agree with Trump’s rhetoric you should see the difference.


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