Twitter Refuses To Take Down Post That Says Bombing Jews Would Save The Whole World


A Twitter user was allowed to keep up a post that jokes that bombing Jews would ‘save the world.’

The account, which goes by the name Jacob_Bacera, posted a picture of the throngs of Jews attending the Skulener Rebbe’s levaya in Brooklyn, New York, yesterday, with the caption:

A sea of snakes!!! Man what one bomb… JUST ONE bomb could do. Prolly (sic) save the world. imo (in my opinion)

The post was reported to Twitter as violation of their rules. Twitter has been attempting to staunch the flood of racial hate that flows on their platform by banning many accounts and removing discriminatory tweets.

However this particular tweet was allowed to stay on the site. After being reported, a Twitter responded by saying that there was no violation of Twitter rules against abusive behavior in the post.





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