Twitter Founder in Israel: You Have Too Many CEOs”


biz-stoneChristopher Isaac Stone, better known by his moniker Biz Stone, founder of the micro-blogging site Twitter, arrived Tuesday in Israel for a whirlwind visit that lasted less than a day in order to participate in an alumni event at the College of Management.

This was Stone’s first time in Israel, and when asked what he learned about the country in the few hours he was here, Stone responded, “There are too many CEOs here.”

Unfortunately, Biz Stone didn’t have any important announcements or special news for the Israeli tweeting community. But he did mention that Twitter intends to continue acquiring companies, and responded in the affirmative when asked if Twitter is recruiting employees.

Regarding Hebrew support on Twitter, Stone said that the company’s developers are currently working on an interface for European languages. There is no clear forecast for when Twitter will be offered in Hebrew. Stone said that translating the interface is done by volunteers from the Twitter community, and their translations are checked in a similar manner as Wikipedia entries are checked.

Stone also elegantly evaded answering questions about Twitter’s business plan and how a company with $10 million revenue became a company valued at an estimated $1 billion.

The Twitter founded did say, however, that the site’s revenue sources will be businesses who receive more information on their activities via Twitter and advertisements that will be, according to him, “different, innovative, and unlike anything you’ve seen so far.”

Biz Stone, asked to describe Twitter in 140 characters or less – Everything that’s happening now.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. Every Yid is a CEO.

    His corporation consists of his middos and yeitzer, which he must manage properly all the days of his life.

    Ich vinch eich Yiddilach alle a Git Shabbes.


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