Twitter Co-founder Apologizes For Helping Elect Trump

The co-founder of Twitter apologized Saturday for the social media platform’s role in Donald Trump’s rise to the White House.

In an interview with the New York Times, Evan Williams said that he recently learned that President Trump said he believes Twitter put him in the White house.

“It’s a very bad thing, Twitter’s role in that,” he said. “If it’s true that he wouldn’t be president if it weren’t for Twitter, then yeah, I’m sorry.”

The White House did not respond to a request for a comment on Williams’ statement, the Times reported. Read more at FOX News.



  1. Twitter should be shut down and the government should take Twitter over and then sentence this doof to insanity rehabliarion center in Chicago.

  2. Want to know if any of you lowlife are sorry for electing Obama who did more harm to this country in the last 50 years than anybody else

  3. just the opposite – if not for twitter – no one would see his comments and take them out of text – the dems would have a togh time attacking him

  4. Mr. Williams is a closet Republican and therefore is an evil white bigoted deplorable racist who should be forced to step-down from Twitter.


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