Twin Rivers Yeshiva to Move to “the Other Monroe”


twin-riversA quiet, tree-lined road in Monroe Township, New Jersey, thirty minutes from Lakewood, is about to be infused with the sound of Torah as the future home of Yeshivas Bais Medrash LeTalmud. The acquisition of the property has been a prolonged process. The February 24 meeting of lawyers, bank officials and askanim at which the roshei yeshiva signed the final contract closed the deal, marking the end of a years-long dream.

Yeshivas Bais Medrash LeTalmud has spent its first eight years in temporary quarters. It has been known as the Yeshiva Gedola of Twin Rivers ever since the Twin Rivers, NJ, community graciously welcomed the yeshiva in 2002. With the continued growth of the yeshiva, however, it became impossible to remain in the limited available space in Twin Rivers. The roshei yeshiva, Rav Eliezer Gordon and Rav Avrohom Dov Owsianka, began their search for a new residence.

Design the perfect setting for a yeshiva and the results would be incredibly similar to this new purchase. The existing structure is a former rest home and is already strategically laid out to neatly accommodate dormitory rooms, a workable bais medrash, and kitchen and dining room facilities. The isolated, sparsely populated location will greatly benefit the learning of the bochurim and allows for focus on learning without distraction. The 3.25-acre campus is surrounded by preserved land. Every room in the building offers stunning views of country-like beauty and sunlight streaming through untouched woods.

Warnings of the likely difficulties in getting the approval to relocate to Monroe were daunting. The roshei yeshiva set up a meeting with the zoning board to propose the plan of converting the property into a Jewish school. After the idea was presented, a member of the community stood up to ask a question. He was stopped by a township official.

“In all my years of sitting on this board and listening to proposals of hundreds of projects,” the official announced with conviction, “I have never heard an application that made more sense than this one.”

There is a three-phase plan in place. Phase One, moving the yeshiva to its new home, is scheduled to take place right after Pesach of this year for the summer zeman. The idea is to occupy half of the building while the other half undergoes necessary renovations. Phase Two is to have the entire building running by this Elul. Phase Three is the future construction of a beautiful separate bais medrash.

Several askanim have been very helpful with the planning and financial support needed to get to Phase One. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for Phases Two, Three, and beyond. There is the prospect of a future kollel, high school, and possibly even a new frum neighborhood. Inquiries have come in from families who currently live in Lakewood and work in New York. People are now expressing interest in moving to Monroe Township.  Here is an ideal opportunity to cut their commutes shorter, in a community centered around the uplifting influence of an established, vibrant yeshiva. Their children could attend Lakewood schools and they would enjoy the conveniences and amenities of both Lakewood and New York. There is plenty of available housing several blocks from the campus where this vision can be created. The yeshiva‘s office can be reached for inquiries at 732.370.2799.

Talmidim and friends of the yeshiva are energized by this long-awaited development. They have witnessed the success of the yeshiva in cultivating accomplished talmidei chachomim under the limitations and privations of the old physical plant. The expanded prospect of service to the Torah community under the current vision of expectation and opportunity is most rewarding and invigorating.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL setting and the building was a longtime run family business by Dutch immigrants. The family had MANY wonderful memories in that home which was built by their loving father Theodore LeBrun.

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