Turner Blasts Obama State Department For ‘Blatant Jerusalem Insult’


businessman-bob-turner“President Obama has found a new way to try to humiliate our Israeli allies and placate that nation’s enemies, and he needs to reverse himself immediately,” businessman and congressional candidate Bob Turner (R) demanded on Erev Shabbos.

Mr. Turner, who has been endorsed by former Mayor Edward I. Koch (D) for his resolute support of Israel and of protecting Social Security and Medicare for New York seniors, is taking issue with the Obama State Department for furtively altering its website recently to remove references of Jerusalem being in Israel. The State Department is also denying Americans born in Jerusalem the right to stamp “Israel” as their nation of origin in their passports, a continuation of a policy begun under the Bush Administration. It is a blatant insult to the State of Israel and to Israeli-Americans and it is historically inaccurate, Mr. Turner says.

The State Department’s official position now reads:

“Current U.S. Government policy is that U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem may not have ‘Israel’ listed in their passports as their place of birth. See the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Manual 7 FAM 1300 Appendix D for further details.”

“The Obama Administration has spared no pains in finding ways large and small to ostracize the State of Israel on the world stage,” Mr. Turner continued. “Jerusalem is Israel’s beating heart, yet, through these actions, Mr. Obama’s State Department is denying that Jerusalem is even part of the Israeli nation. Symbolic slights like this, however small, are widely noticed by Israel’s enemies. They do not need any further invitations to aggression.”

Mr. Turner is an outspoken critic of President Obama’s treatment of Israel. He has called for cutting off U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Palestinian Authority until it stops paying the families of terrorists in Israeli prisons, and until wanton rocket fire on Israeli civilians stops. Mr. Turner has been critical of his challenger, career politician David Weprin (D-WFP) for his reluctance to speak out against President Obama on these and other issues, including the $500 billion in Medicare cuts under Obamacare.

Mr. Turner released a :30 television spot, called “Send a Message,” contrasting Mr. Weprin’s and President Barack Obama’s (D) support of a Mosque in the shadow of the fallen World Trade Center with Mr. Turner’s firm opposition to the construction, which Turner calls “a purposeful and confrontational act of provocation.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. We must do everything we can to elect Turner. If this district goes Republican for the first time ever, it will be a clear message to the White House.

  2. No No No, this article is reporting that Turner is telling the truth when Turner is actually lying by suppressing the truth.

    Turner is purposely lying.

    As the right wing JPost reported on August 4, 2011: “The State Department’s policy is still implemented despite legislation passed by the US Congress in 2002 that said Jerusalem-born US citizens could list Israel as their country of birth on passports, Zivotofsky noted.
    Yet though the law was signed by president George Bush, in practice neither he nor current US President Barack Obama have permitted US consular officials to record Israel as the birth country for Jerusalem-born Americans.”

    So we see that Turner is a liar and purposely doing so.

    To repeat: All 8 YEARS of GW Bush’s tenure, GW Bush refused Jerusalem passports be labeled “Jerusalem, Israel.

    Therefore Obama not allowing it and criticizing Obama is hypocrisy on the part of Republicans Republican Turner chooses to suppress the REAL story.

  3. “The State Department is also denying Americans born in Jerusalem the right to stamp “Israel” as their nation of origin in their passports, a continuation of a policy begun under the Bush Administration.”

    Mr. Orwell,
    The policy is wrong period . It was wrong under George Bush and its wrong today. The article clearly states this policy started under President Bush and is continued under this President. How is Turner lying? Lying? Lets be clear here, Mr. turner is going to be a vociferous critic of the Obama administration’s Israel policy. If anybody chooses to defend the Administrations misguided Israel policy’s be prepared to back it up. The timidness of our Democratic representatives in congress has been disheartening. ‘m no fan of either candidate here but lets at least have an honest and civil debate as to who will serve our community’s interests best. Lets all try to keep the hysteria rational and productive.

  4. The practice of not listing American citizens born in Jerusalem as having been born in Israel did NOT begin with the Bush administration (either of them). This is long-standing State Department policy. George Bush signed into effect a law that the State Department is to change that policy; however, since up until Ari Zivotofsky brought it up, American citizens did not make a big deal about it, neither did Bush. But at least he signed the law, something I doubt Obama would have done.

  5. To #2 “No No No”
    If you reda the article it says that this policy started under Bush. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Obama has done many small and big things anti-Israel that should wake us up and Weprin is afraid to speak out against him. Even Weiner denounced Obama’s Israeli policy. Burying our heads in the sand and prtetending that the current White House is just as friendly to Israel as previous administrations is naive and won’t help the situation.





  7. Obama has shown contempt for Jews & Israel! I will be voting for Bob Turner to show my disgust with Obama. Weprin is a political hack with no backbone whatsoever! He is a robotic “yes man” for the Democrat party machine! Besides for voting YES to the SSM bill, he has done NOTHING in life!!! A total loser – another Obama.

  8. Weprin is a frum man- how can you possibly not vote for this frum man?

    two comments above got it wrong:
    ” a continuation of a policy begun under the Bush Administration.”.
    This sentence – grammatically read- is saying the passport requirement of listing Jerusalem was started under Bush– that is a lie. It was not started under Bush, it was started even prior to 1967.
    Secondly, even if the statement of Turner is grammatically incorrect, or he was quoted incorrectly, and what he, Turner, meant to say was that Bush started allowing Jerusalem, then that is al ie as well. He never allowed it. He signed the 2002 law and then for the entire rest of his term prevented Israel from being listed in the passports of these people.

    My 2 main points are to tell the readers- Turner is liar, as are all the Republicans, for suppressing all the same stuff Bush did that we dont like, but then orchestrating campaigns to fake the U.S. citizinry into believing that Obama is trying to hurt Jews while at the same time keeping up the charade that when GW Bush did things we didnt like it was for the interests of the larger U.S.

    The Republicans did this under Clinton as well, it is not new, it is in our face, it is consistent, they do it all the time, and that shows the Republican politicians disdain for their citizenry when they choose to lie to the people they are supposed to be working for.

  9. Lets stand up for Torah values and basic human morality. “Ohavei Hashem Sonay Rah”–Those who love Hashem hate evil. We say this in davening. Let’s live it!

    Please note: This is not extremism. This is basic normal Torah hashkofa. It is the radical left wing secularists that Weprin gives kavod to that are the extremists.


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