Tucker: What If Trump Doesn’t Want To Be Re-Elected?


White House negotiating with Democratic lawmakers to raise the gas tax.



  1. Trumo needs to stay in office because as soon as he leaves, he’s lost the protection he now has from being indicted.

      • Which part is so dumb?
        That he will be indicted once he leaves office — or that it won’t take that long?
        The Southern District of New York, unlike the Justice Dept, would not have to wait.

        You think it’s for nothing that he won’t release his taxes or the full Mueller Report?

        Once he’s gone and the Dems are in, rump is toast.

        (And yes, I’m real glad he’s been good for Israel, but reality is reality.)

        • The Dems will be found in the trashcan of history once President Trump will complete the draining of the swamp – which consists of almost 90% Dems. Who’ll be left to run their party?

          • Please tell us what you mean by “the swamp.”
            Would appointing special interest lobbyists to head gov’t agencies be called “the swamp”?

            And you’re saying there is LESS of that under Trump?

            Like David Bernhardt being acting secretary of the Interior?
            Defense Department will be run by a former Boeing executive?
            Department of Health and Human Services being run by a former pharmaceutical lobbyist?
            Environmental Protection Agency will be run by a former coal lobbyist?

  2. David, will Trump be indicted for stealing the presidency from Hillary when it was public knowledge that it was her turn or because of his Russian collusion which Mueller didn’t work on properly?

    • Do you really not know how these prosecutors function? New York is putting all of Trump’s business activities (and probably friends and acquaintances) under an electronic microscope. If any “i” is not dotted then they will blow that up like a balloon and throw the book at him, not because they believe they can win the case, but because they want to bankrupt him (paying lawyers and spending all his time in court) to make an example of him so that others don’t dare question the Democrat hegemony. So the point is, even if the government loses all of its cases, by the time the court and trial are over Trump will be a very old dying man with nothing left. And that is what the Democrats really want.


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