Tucker: AOC Has The Cure For Human Extinction


MSNBC and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say we only have 12 years to save the planet.



  1. (Gateway Pundit) – Socialist freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) sees a conspiracy between Fox News, Republicans, the Mercers, dark money–and fellow Democrats–as the driving force behind her crushing unpopularity.
    A new Quinnipiac poll published Thursday found her with just a 23 percent approval rating overall and underwater across all demographics except Democrats. But even then she does not have the approval of a majority of Democrats.
    Ocasio-Cortez became a media darling last year when the then 28-year-old bartender defeated incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley in a stunning primary victory.
    Since taking office in January Ocasio-Cortez has stumbled with the roll out of her Green New Deal and made several comments that revealed a brainwashed leftist who speaks like a teenager.

  2. Let’s examine the facts as science (before being polluted by political correctness and money) have stated it. For most of its scientific billions of years, the level of carbon dioxide on this planet was in the thousands of parts per million. The carbon dioxide level just before the start of the industrial revolution was about 180 parts per million. That is the lowest level known to science for the entire history of this planet as known by science. And dangerously close to the very minimum level (as estimated by science) required to actually keep plant (and this animal) life viable on this planet (150 parts per million). So the scientific fact is that life was facing extinction from too little carbon dioxide. As the level of carbon dioxide rose, so did plant life rise. Reduce carbon dioxide and you reduce plan life.


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