Tsarnaev Mom: Americans Are ‘Terrorists’



Convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s mother, Zubeidat, has reportedly posted a statement online declaring Americans “the terrorists here” and calling her son “the best of the best.” In a message sent to a family friend on Russian social media site VKontakte, Zubeidat Tsarnaev wrote, “I will never forget it. May god bless those who helped my son. The terrorists here are the Americans and it’s known to everyone. My son is the best of the best.” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty on all 30 counts against him and now faces the death penalty.

In 2013, Zubeidat insisted her sons were “innocent” and “set up by the FBI.” She and her husband, Anzor, fled their home in Dagestan to seek safety and support in Chechnya. In an interview in 2013, she told the The Daily Beast’s Anna Nemtsova that she would never return to America.

“I have decided I will never live in America, as America caused me a lot of pain,” she said. “I feel comfortable in my home, Dagestan, Russia.”

The CIA believes that Zubeidat and her son Tamerlan, who planned and carried out the Boston Marathon attack, were “adherents of radical Islam and that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was preparing to travel to Russia to join unspecified ‘bandit underground groups’ in Dagestan and Chechnya,” according to a report before the bombings by the CIA, who had alerted the FBI.

Tamerlan then flew to Dagestan-where Zubeidat then lived-before the attack. An alert was sent to the Joint Terrorism Task Force at both the start and end of his trip, and that a trip to the country was the “next phase in his radicalization,” but he was not questioned upon his departure or arrival.  Read more at Vocativ.



  1. My sons are angels! Americans are terrorists!
    Throw this drek out of our country! She sympathizes with terrorists – revoke her green card and evict her! After all, why must this righteous woman be subject to live with terrorists! Put her on the next plane to the Bermuda Triangle!

  2. Doomed Soul Mentality. The idea that the enemy is the greater place of good generous conduct is the word of a liar looking for her smaller skirt of hate. This is just another pagan looking for her own wall of shameful rectification for a situation that is beyond her control.
    But who thinks a woman with a son so horrible could think of any generosity?
    Sadly she is very confrontational to a reality of very heavy proportion.
    Never Think she has a favorable discipline in her eye.
    Never Again.


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