TSA Agents Interrogate Jewish Author For Reading…The Jewish Press


the-jewish-pressAward winning Jewish author Phyllis Chesler was questioned and had her bag searched at New York’s JFK Airport as a result of a TSA agent’s suspicions over the fact that she was reading a conservative newspaper.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon after Chesler’s flight to Florida was delayed due to the recent ice storms.

As soon as Chesler pulled out a copy of The Jewish Press, a Jewish English language weekly with a conservative political bent, a TSA agent eyed her with suspicion, approached the author and asked to see the newspaper.

After the TSA agent scrutinized the cover of the newspaper and showed it to another security official, Chesler was ordered to open her luggage, which the two agents then proceeded to rifle through.

During the search, Chesler was interrogated by the two TSA workers. As her luggage was being searched, Chesler noticed that a Muslim woman wearing a niqab that covered her entire face apart from her eyes was allowed through security with no questions asked and with no one even bothering to verify her identity.

Chesler was left alone after the two agents found nothing more deadly than a bottle of water. Despite their best efforts to assume the role of political thought police, the TSA workers discovered that reading a newspaper other than the New York Times or the Washington Post isn’t indicative of being a terrorist. Read more at Info Wars.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I doubt that is the reason. Phyllis Chesler is one of militant members of WOW (no wonder she was reading the JP) who also is known to be anti Israel.

    This is direct quote from her;

    “WOW Board knows that it has driven away many Orthodox and non-Orthodox worshipers by their religious practices, non-stop desire for media attention, their willingness to criticize Israel in North America and Europe during the years of the Al Aqsa Intifada.”

    It seems that someone was yet again being less than truthful.

  2. Sounds like a scary portent of things to come. We have no more privacy innocent people are being victimized. There is no place to go to, only to trust in Hashem.

  3. Cordially, it would seem that perhaps there was an issue with the publication and perhaps there was an issue as someone noted above with the woman’s activism. Still seems like a rancid tale from what is printed above. Sorry to see this experience.

  4. This woman is a known liar. The TSA is far from perfect. However, here – in this case – there is no reason to assume anything this known liar says is true in any way.

  5. Possibly not, #5. I was stopped at a remote Canada-US border point for having an all-Hebrew sefer, except for “MADE IN ISRAEL” clearly marked. The moron was convinced it was Arabic. At an airport before a domestic flight, the agent was riffling through my carry-on and glanced at the Tfilim. “I think I have to open them that up” he hissed. “Don’t even touch them” I murmured. I moved the r’tzuos so he could see through the base the q’laf inside. He was as confused (fardrayt) as ever, but let it pass. Khiyl okhaz yoshvay Pleshyet.”

  6. Dr. Chesler has a long record as a radical activist. Possibly she was on a watch list. The TSA has been doing its job since 2001 – note that we have had no more problems with airborne terrorists. Sure, it’s inconvenient, but wouldn’t you rather be inconvenienced than dead?

  7. #1, Herr Dokter: What are you talking about. Prof. Chesler writes for JP which is an Orthodox newspaper. She also writes for Arutz 7 op-ed articles. She is AGAINST the WOW, who are a bunch of whackos, anti-G-D, anti-Torah, anti-Jewish Israel! Either you are one of these feminist radicals or you have your facts fardreit! What are you doing on this religious website? BTW, the Jewish Press is probably the most pro-Israel newspaper there is! Do you know at all what you’re saying, or are you a setup?

  8. From reading most of these comments, I realize that these commenters are so ill-informed or literally uninformed altogether. Prof. Chesler was once not religious and wrote a book about her life married to a muslim when she was young. She learned the hard way and is now one of the pro-Israel, pro-religious writers and lecturers. Reading most of the stupid, uninformed comments is disturbing and is also loshon harah, as you are bad-mouthing a righteous person, making her into the enemy. H’ forgive you all; start reading a little.

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