Trump’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Funding Threat Could Cost NYC $7B


The Trump administration plans to cut federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities — a move that could cost the Big Apple an estimated $7 billion, the NY Post reports.

President Trump vowed to “crack down” on New York and the roughly 300 other cities that protect undocumented immigrants — including Chicago, San Francisco, Newark and New Haven, Conn. — during a speech at Department of Homeland Security headquarters on Wednesday. The order calls for aggressive immigration enforcement and an advocacy office for victims of crimes committed by those in the country illegally.

Policies differ from city to city, but New York allows undocumented immigrants to use social services without having to disclose their legal status and does not generally cooperate with federal immigration authorities in their deportation efforts.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the administration was working on how funds would be cut. “We’re going to strip federal grant money from the sanctuary states and cities that harbor illegal immigrants,” he said. “The American people are no longer going to have to be forced to subsidize this disregard for our laws.” Read more at the NY Post.



  1. Good!!
    When these sanctimonious cities cave in, they will be saving untold billions that they would otherwise have handed out to the illegals.
    Everyone wins.


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