Trump’s ObamaCare Fight Could Be ‘Catastrophic’ For GOP: Napolitano


Judge Andrew Napolitano comments on Trump’s fight to repeal and replace ObamaCare.



  1. Napolitano, a Never Trumper, has always helped push the democratic agenda. President Trump must repeal the disastrous U-ACA (Un-Affordable Care Act) (Obamacare) and allow people to be able to choose their own health care. We did before Obama care and it was a whole lot cheaper and better and you could choose your doctor.

    • In 46 states, persons with pre-existing conditions had no choice of healthcare prior to the Affordable Care Act (which reduced premiums in New York by 60% thanks to Gov. Cuomo).

      If Trump gets his way and gets a court to repeal the entire ACA tens of millions of Americans will no longer have health insurance and most of them will have no way of getting any. The impact on lives and the economy would be catastrophic. The only good thing about that will be that the Republicans will suffer a blowout election loss, but it will take years to repair the damage that Trump caused.

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