Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech Infused With God References


President Donald Trump delivered a God-and-country infused speech Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast

“We can all be heroes to everybody and they can be heroes to us,” Trump said, “as long as we open our hearts to God’s grace, America will be free, the land of the free, the home of the brave and the light to all nations.”

(c) 2018, The Washington Post · Sarah Pulliam Bailey



  1. Truly a G-d fearing man. A paragon of virtue. A shining example of morality.
    (And to all the Trumpets out there- yes I’m glad Hillary lost)

  2. Nobody says that he has to be a baal mussar. Nor an anav, nor a savlan or a rachman. He is a regular, normal American man. He’s not LGBT, he’s not Black live matter, he’s not occupy wall street, he’s not me too, he’s not minority, he’s not transgender – he’s normal, regular, standard. Not politically correct, not bending over backwards to placate some self professed victimized group or another. Not looking to placate Europe or the Arabs. In that sense he’s a normal, real, american president.
    Now, contrary to what the dems have inculcated into the millenials, this country is founded on an absolute belief in G-d. See the declaration of independence, pledge of allegiance, etc. it’s all over. The dems in their war against G-d try to obliterate any bit of morality and goodness in the country – they’re pro abortion, pro lgbt, pro transgender, pro arab – anti israel, (who are the LEAST liberal minded people on the planet – it’s just a matter of always choosing evil over good).
    So yes, in regards to the dems and the left he is a G-d fearing man – he at least believes in G-d and accepts there’s a real absolute morality that humans are supposed to behave by. [That he’s a baal taavah – good morning. That’s life without the Torah. I don’t think there’s a taaneh on him, or anyone who the Torah didn’t command to act in a particular way. Starting from Kennedy, till Clinton etc. every actor, sports figure, celebrity, they’re all baalei gaavah and baalei taavah. Davka Trump is the one who bothers you?.Come on. Your’e reading too much left leaning “fake news” outlets, who will say anything to attack Trump. For goodness sake, when Pence said he won’t dine with another woman other than his wife, they blasted him for that. It has nothing to do with what a republican, especially connected to trump, says; it only matters who says it]

    • All that you said is true, plus, Trump has kept many of his promises, AND he has done many chassodim in private, that were publicized by others. Neither Clinton–or Obama, or Biden, or Bernie Sanders– has ever been revealed to have done anything nice for anyone else without a payment.

  3. The man who is Trump. He has it all. Gold and prayers.

    The nation is ahead and winning except we might wonder in light of the 5 days of 6 of stock losses big and sadly “huge”.

    Mr. Trump ran casinos to interest the world in sin. He corrupted culture with bigamy for black dwellings that he could rent. He has offered no peace branch to his opponent who he still skews in the market and in political manner. She is not at peace.

    Panorama his life. It is blind to mention G-d if your full captive gain in human kind was at the expense of the worried, poor, sick and harmed. I can give it credit. G-d is real. Trump on the other hand is too much to believe.

    Quietly there is a power. I hope Trump knows.

    • Being that February is Black History month, when will YOU finally start paying your fair share of reparations to black folks? You talk a good game but you never deliver. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?

  4. Trump has become the best president for Orthodox Jews.The reform and open orthodox heretics are eating their evil hearts out. We authentic Jews won. Trump 2020

    • Picnic.

      Quiet leader but always on time. State civility at the best conduct ever.

      Stay in the seal of his good mind. Anyone to defer gets canned.

      Wild wild wild.

    • The best president not only for Orthodox Jews but for the ENTIRE America, including many Democrats who openly said so. The left who were indoctrinated with the believe that everything goes, including evil, hate, immorality and lawlessness are too loony to change and should move with the leader Hillary to Saudi Arabia where they’ll be able to do whatever they want.

  5. they say from reb moshe that america stands in merit of ‘in G-d we trust’ thats on the currency. now whether or not its sincere if the president of the US proclaims repeatedly in public that we believe in G-d, our creator etc. doesn’t that help the country?


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