Trump’s Father Helped Flatbush Cheder


Much has been said and written about President-elect Trump’s connection with the Torah world.

Now, a photo has surfaced of a time when his father, Frederick C. Trump, donated land that he owned to a New York cheder about fifty years ago.

The caption of the photo states: “Fred C. Trump, who donated the land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center, 723 Ave. Z, discusses the impressive future with the assemblage at last week’s groundbreaking.” previously reported that that Donald Trump was a generous donor to the Ruzhin-Boyan court in Yerushalayim.

{CB News}


  1. Reminds me of what the Blushever Rebbe ztzvk”l said regarding the “zechus” of a local Polish priest who “merited” to become the first non-Italian Pope in hundreds of years; He said it was because the priest insisted that one of his parishioners keep their word to a Jewish family, whose child they cared for during the war, that they will send him to his relatives in the event his parents did no survive the war. They were about to have him baptized and raise him as their own, but the priest insisted they keep their word. He was sent to the US and was raised a fully Torah observent person.

  2. Hasim repaid the older trump with yiddisher eynecklache so THEY will attend cheder! Nissim veniflois!! Only hashim can keep such a chesbon!! Oy the rewards of tzedaka is amazing, I can’t breathe, with seeing this news. Thank you Matzav for reveeling the Unreeveled. I predict a white house bris!! Yes j do, believe me. Take that you enimees of torah yiddiskeit. We won!!!

  3. This report, while accurate, is lacking in important context.

    Firstly, a “Talmud Torah” in the American sense, in this context, is not a “cheder” in the meaning of the term in chareidi circles. What it meant was a part time Hebrew school that public school students attended in the afternoon after their regular school day. As opposed to a full day day school, or Yeshiva.

    Secondly, what is not explained above is that the location was in an area where Fred Trump owned a massive housing project, called Beach Haven, which reportedly contained over one thousand Jewish families in its early years. So he donated some nearby extra land for the Talmud Torah, as he did previously for the Beach Haven Jewish Center itself. That is the type of thing real estate developers do at times, to make their developments more attractive to desirable elements, which usually is beneficial to their bottom line as well.

    The same thing with similar donations by his son, the President-elect, to charities favored by business associates, whether they are something like a Yeshiva, or something more like the March of Dimes. They are viewed as part of doing business, business expenses.

    Of course, we can’t say for certain if there weren’t other factors involved as well. We don’t know exactly what he was thinking with total certainty. That is something that Hakadosh boruch Hu knows. But context can help us get a better understanding of historical events.


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