Trump’s Approval Rating Highest In Nearly A Year


President Trump’s approval rating jumped to its highest point in roughly 11 months, a survey released Monday found.

The CNN poll, conducted from March 22-25, showed Trump with a 42 percent approval rating, up 7 points from the network’s same poll last month. Meanwhile, 54 percent of voters disapprove of Trump’s job performance.

Trump got positive marks on his handling of the economy, where 48 percent of people approve of his performance, compared to 45 percent who disapprove.


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  1. The CNN and other Fake News make President Trump’s approval ratings ALWAYS between 30-50 to make him look like a loser. Never higher for obvious reasons and if they make it lower, not a single person in the world would believe them.

    They tried faking his polls before election with several points lower and higher to Clinton’s while in reality he was always between 60 and 75 points according to computer algorithm. He indeed ended up OVER 80% according to the NYT then.

    So today they decided on 42%, next month it will probably go down to 37.

    • This guy still keeps talking about NYT saying Trump got 80% of the votes.
      Source please?
      Why is it so hard to admit that Trump lost the popular vote, but became president because of a Master Plan (and hopefully a Plan that is good for us)?

      • Request that the NYT send you their reports from after the elections and you’ll see it for yourself.

        And NO Hillary did not win ANY popular votes unless you count being popular over the dead.


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