Trump Will ‘Compensate’ Palestinians For Embassy Move


A peace plan to be presented by Donald Trump’s White House team will include “compensation” for the Palestinians in an attempt to placate their fury over the relocation of the US embassy in Israel to Yerushalayim, Hadashot news reported on Saturday.

The report said that the long-awaited peace plan will be presented some time after the embassy is opened on May 14, but did not provide details about the compensation.

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  1. Their Placate-the-enemy overture should be contingent on their cessation of hostile and terroristic activities. The moment they break their word all U.S. taxpayer funding must cease to flow!!!

  2. Waste of time and money. The Palestinians aren’t going to ever feel compensated. They need to be dealt with tough and without giving them the feeling that we feel bad for their self inflicted plight.


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