Trump Warns of ‘Calm Before the Storm’

President Trump on Thursday night delivered a cryptic message to the press, warning of “the calm before the storm” while taking photos with military leaders and their spouses following a meeting at the White House. The unprompted warning led to several follow-up questions, to which Trump only replied: “You’ll find out.”
On Friday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wouldn’t elaborate on Trump’s comment, telling reporters: “We are never going to say in advance what [Trump] is going to do.” And while signing a declaration in the Oval Office, the president himself reiterated that “You’ll find out” what he meant; and he punctuated the comment with a wink. Various reports on Friday confirmed that Trump plans to de-certify the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, but it isn’t clear if that’s what the president meant by his warning—if he meant anything at all. Read more at POLITICO.


  1. Careful nasty remark. Should I be facing hard biblical reading? Anticipating an imminent war might have hours in direct fear.

    He may be wasting our minds and manners. Lets hope this is not a dire warning. It should not be announced.

      • Gosh. Do you like storms and hate? Last one I heard was the one of the neo-nazis. We do not live in constant fear. We live in constant bombardment. The hate is terrible.

        But if you are a religious soul, you will pray for the national agenda. Abe Lincoln was said to have spent many hours with his bible during the civil war.

        Think eager to your good faith sir. We are practicing jews.


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