Trump Wants To Slash Food Stamps And Replace Them With New Program


The Trump administration wants to slash food aid to low-income families and make up the difference with a box of canned goods – a change that Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney described in a Monday briefing as a “Blue Apron-type program.”

“What we do is propose that for folks who are on food stamps, part – not all, part – of their benefits come in the actual sort of, and I don’t want to steal somebody’s copyright, but a Blue Apron-type program where you actually receive the food instead of receive the cash,” Mulvaney said. “It lowers the cost to us because we can buy [at wholesale prices] whereas they have to buy it at retail. It also makes sure they’re getting nutritious food. So we’re pretty excited about that.”

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  1. What if the food isn’t what the recipients like or want? What I do think is that food stamps should be restricted as far as buying candy and soda and other junk food, maybe only allowing a minimal amount each month (not to be restricted entirely, because why should poor people be deprived of nosh, let them be like everyone else, but, they should be restricted so they shouldn’t blow their monthly food stamps on junk food. Maybe it should be like WIC – coupons for certain amounts of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy and carbs. There probably won’t be a perfect solution.

    • With WIC you are restricted to inferior quality brand products. You can’t get any brand cereal. Even within certain companies, you can only get specific flavors. By bread, it’s only whole wheat, not regular. Same thing with milk and juice. Only certain weight and sizes. Etc, etc…. Kashrus concerns limits you even more. With WIC, I can hear a cheshbon why the Health Police restrict exactly what food and drink one consumes. Lemaaseh it’s meant for the so-called health of the expectant/nursing Mother and infant.
      But with Food Stamps (SNAP) it’s entirely different. It has nothing to do with health per se. It’s meant for low income families who can’t afford the basic food necessities that the average person can. Food prices, like inflation, keep going up. Why should someone who has a large mishpacha and is having a hard time making ends meet, be punished by not being able to feed his hungry children. Only people who are matzliach in parnasa should be allowed to function without being hungry? I once heard bishem a very big godol of the previous dor, that if nebach a person finds himself to be poor in a financial sense and can’t provide for his children the basic normal amenities that the average person/classmates have, at least food, he should have biravchus. A child in our dor, living with the wealth that America provides, should never be lacking food/nourishment and spend his day in Yeshiva hungry.
      It doesn’t mean a child should be fressing all kinds of nosh and junk food, but to lack basic healthy food in todays day and age is unacceptable.
      Unfortunately many people turn a blind eye to the reality that many in OUR community are suffering from poverty despite the fact that both parents work and everyone in the family smiles and seems happy.
      We live in a medina shel chesed and Food Stamps is a tremendous help and shouldn’t be meddled with. Once the so-called Health Police start dictating what one can and can’t eat based on some multi million dollar food corporation, we are heading down a bad road.

  2. they will end up paying $8 for a can of tuna.

    I propose letting customers do the shopping, but we shouldn’t be paying for candies & soda (among other items) Items should need to fit a certain criteria basic food staples)

  3. when was the last time the Government got something cheaper then the american consumer? when they are done buying American only, and make sure its from a company with federal approval, union salaries etc. they will be paying 3 times for the same item you can get on sale in shop rite.

  4. I’m gonna miss watching shoppers unloading their carts full of Viennese crunch, jelly rings and other goodies, and finally when it’s time to pay…. out comes the “benefit card”

  5. Limiting food stamps to nutritious food is a very good idea.

    Limiting it to canned foods that the government can get for cheaper is a typical silly bureaucrat idea.

    Expecting that others will pay for your food but have no opinion about what you should(n’t) eat is an even sillier idea.

  6. All those commenting in a flippant way, never suffered the pangs of hunger. B”H, good for them. The way of the Torah is to be rachmanim. We are rachmonim binei rachmonim. Try, if your arrogance will allow you, to be a little noisain bi’ol. You don’t have to agree with the American policy, but don’t put down or make fun of those that have less than you.

  7. Get ready for Trumpios cereal, Trumpcholent mix, Trumpiolli, Trump Bread, Caesar Trump salad croutons, whole grain Trump-meal, Trump resort fruit salad, Trump MAGA corn, Trumpbits for kids, Cinnamon Toast Trump, Trump fiber one, Raisin Trump Bran, Frosted Trumpios, Captain Trump Crunch, Trump Krispies, Hearty Trump BBQ sauce and much much more! It’s gonna be Great! Huge Flavor!

  8. Medicare is NOT an entitlement. Those who paid into the medicare system should get what is promised to them.
    When you buy an annuity or a whole life insurance policy, you pay for many years and then you can collect money to live on. The US Government offered all (almost all) workers their insurance policy called Medicare that workers had deducted from their checks for many years. Now the government should pay up.
    There are those in congress who want to slash this entitlement. Medicare is NOT an entitlement. Members of Congress should be forced to pay into Medicare just like everyone else so that they will know what it is!

    • What do you mean? That Medicare money is being redirected to cover the cost of building all those gender neutral bathrooms and safe spaces. It also goes to support all the illegals relaxing in YOUR sanctuary city. Sure, ask YOUR Mayor why he’s breaking the law and hosting an ILLEGAL sanctuary city. The money has got to come from somewhere. It might as well be from YOUR Medicare/Social Security. Yes, just keep voting in your local Democrats.

  9. I do not know all specifics of this program and as long as people have food, I am satisfied. I can think that they can modify it or change it of course. My best is to make sure that at least the buyer has some safe privacy perhaps at either check out or otherwise.

    Either way. It is essential I think. We must all eat.

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