Trump Wants To Give Air Force One A Patriotic Makeover


President Trump would reportedly like to see the paint job on Air Force One overhauled from its current white-and-light-blue mix to something “more American.”

Axios’s Mike Allen reported that Trump discussed a possible change to the plane’s exterior during a meeting with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg earlier this year. While Air Force One has ferried the president with its current color scheme dating back to the Kennedy administration, Trump asked to update the look.

Trump reportedly asked for something that isn’t a “Jackie Kennedy color,” and is believed to want something red, white and blue.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. How will the animals, who used to be called Democrats just 1.5 years ago, be able to handle an American flag on Air Force One? Which University students will smear black paint on it as they did in the University of Kansas this week?


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