Trump Wants Apple Boycott; Tweets from iPhone


Donald Trump called for the boycott of Apple until the tech company assists the government in unlocking San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook’s iPhone. During a campaign rally today in South Carolina, the Republican frontrunner called Farook a “young thug” and pointed out that the cellphone was issued to Farook by the California county department he worked for, the Daily Beast reports.

A judge earlier this week ordered Apple to unlock the Farook’s phone, but the company has refused, saying it will appeal. The government filed a motion on Friday asking a judge to compel Apple to open the cellphone, saying that its refusal to do so was largely a marketing ploy.

Meanwhile, Trump’s most recent tweets—before and after his call for a boycott—have all come from an Apple iPhone.




  1. Note that there is no talk about a back door to get into personal computers.
    WIndows 10 in fact comes with a back door built into the system that allows Microsoft to see and upload any information on any computer using Windows 10. This back door can officially be closed during the installation of the system if the user knows about it and knows to shut it.
    Nevertheless, the back door exists and probably con be exploited by others wanting to hack into a persons computer. How anyone interested in security would allow anyone to use Windows 10 is beyond me.


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