Trump Wanted Kelly To ‘Get Rid Of’ Ivanka, Kushner, Book Claims

Jared Kushner speaks with President Trump during a signing ceremony for a criminal justice bill in the White House in December. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Jabin Botsford

President Trump directed his former chief of staff John Kelly to “get rid of” his Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner shortly after the retired general joined the White House and send them back to New York, according to revelations in a new book.

“Kushner Inc.” claims that Trump wanted Kelly to remove his son-in-law and his elder daughter from the White House because his children “didn’t know how to play the game,” the books states, according to a report by The New York Times on Monday.

Kelly allegedly told Trump at the time that it would be difficult to fire his children but later agreed with Trump they “would make life difficult enough to force the pair to offer their resignations,” the Times reported.

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  1. (Gateway Pundit) – A report at The Specator on Friday claims dirty cop Robert Mueller met with Attorney General Bob Barr and the two agreed that President Trump’s children should be indicted.
    The report goes on to say that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his 13 angry Democrats also want President Trump to be indicted but that Barr pushed back on this.
    Author and attorney Sidney Powell spoke about this during her interview on the Mark Levin Show on FOX News.
    Sidney Powell is an expert of Department of Justice corruption and has followed the career of Democrat hatchetman Andrew Weissmann who has destroyed thousands of lives during his career as federal prosecutor only to see his cases overturned years later by superior court rulings.
    Sidney Powell wrote LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, make up crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison in the Enron case.
    Sidney warned that the report, which will likely be authored by Andrew Weissmann, will destroy Trump. That is the goal and that is why Democrats are looking forward to its release.


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