Trump Tower Rooftop Fire ‘Under Control,’ Authorities Say


Authorities in New York said Monday that emergency crews had responded to a fire at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

A New York Police Department spokesman said a call came in at around 7:30 a.m. about a one-alarm fire on the roof the 68-floor luxury building on 5th Avenue. There were no evacuations, the spokesman said, and the flames are reportedly under control.

The fire department is on the scene, according to authorities.

Fire officials could not immediately be reached for comment, but FDNY tweeted an alert at 8:16 a.m., saying the blaze inside an HVAC system is “under control.”

Police said no injuries had been reported, but a reporter with CW affiliate WPIX said officials confirmed two people had been injured.


Eric Trump tweeted “There was a small electrical fire in a cooling tower on the roof of Trump Tower. The New York Fire Department was here within minutes and did an incredible job. The men and women of the #FDNY are true heroes and deserve our most sincere thanks and praise!”

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  1. Bizarre. Hillary had her fire last week. Was it an arsonist the same two? Curious. Else Hashem must have odd history.

    Hillary bedroom burned first second Trump tower. Yet it sees she was not elected. Draw no conclusions. If Putins house catches on fire we can beg to wonder. Chas V’Shalom, he might just be functioning to love his neighbors.

    Great they are both out.

    • Fire is caused by sins. Sometimes it’s the person himself/herself. Sometimes it’s because of others. Fire is scary and extremely dangerous. We know that gehhenom is a burning fire. It’s up to us as individuals to examine ourselves and do a proper teshuva.

  2. Did this electrical fire in Trump’s Tower burn down the rooms with the hard drives destroying evidence of Trump’s collusion with the Russian ghost, as did the fire in Clinton’s house in NY last week that started in the room of their scorched hard drives and memory chips (according to the Fire Dept), destroying more incriminating evidence that was quickly extinguished by the secret service before the Fire Dept arrived?

  3. The fire at Trump Tower happened because there are yidden living there who are mechalel shabbos. Maybe Trump should install a shabbos elevator so those yidden there can begin being Torah observant.

  4. It does seem odd that a cooling tower for air conditioning would catch fire in frigging January? What’s up with that? Sound kinds of fishy since they should be drained and shut down months ago when the system was switched over to heating


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