Trump To Make Last-Ditch Wall Pitch On U.S.-Mexico Border


White House officials and close advisers say that Trump is gearing up to redouble his case for a U.S.-Mexico border wall, including with a planned trip to El Paso next week, where he will make a final case for the $5.7 billion project before parts of the federal government run out of funding again on Feb. 16.

Trump’s predecessors have often staged rallies immediately after their State of the Union addresses to milk their moment in the sun. But Trump allies, some of whom have urged him to spend more time outside of Washington making the case for the wall, applauded his planned travel.

“The rally is a genius move. It will continue to keep the issue and the overall crisis at the border at the forefront of the minds of the American public — especially in Beto O’Rourke’s hometown. It’s calling on Democrats to finally take action,” said Jason Miller, a former senior communications adviser to the Trump campaign.

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