Trump To Ask Congress For $8.6 Billion For Border Wall


President Donald Trump on Monday will ask the U.S. Congress for an additional $8.6 billion to help pay for the wall he promised to build on the southern border with Mexico to combat illegal immigration and drug trafficking, officials familiar with his 2020 budget request told Reuters.

The demand is more than six times what Congress allocated for border projects in each of the past two fiscal years, and 6 percent more than Trump has corralled by invoking emergency powers this year.

Democrats, who oppose the wall as unnecessary and immoral, control the U.S. House of Representatives, making it unlikely the Republican president’s request will win congressional passage. Republicans control the Senate.

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  1. (Tea Party PAC) – During Michael Cohen’s high-profile public testimony before Congress last week, Rep. Jim Jordan put the former Trump lawyer on the spot when he asked him if he’d prepared for the testimony with any Democrats.
    Cohen instant floundered, stuttering and asking him to repeat the questions, obviously not sure what to say before admitting that yes he’d met with Dems.
    This week, Cohen told House investigators that staff for Rep. Adam Schiff, the Intelligence Committee Chairman, had traveled to New York at least four times and met with him for ten hours.
    This was all leading up to the Cohen’s testimony before Congress last week.
    It’s hard to deny the implications here: the Dems were prepping Cohen to say just what they needed him to say to try to lay the groundwork for a whole new investigation into the Trump campaign, administration, and organization!

  2. What is his rationale? Why is he asking? Won’t they ridicule him? Or, is that the game called politics that has to be played?


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